Redesigning The World Our company has a global mission:
To diffuse aesthetics into our everyday lives. The conception of beauty should not be confined to art galleries or museums but should be an integral part of our living space. However, this ambitious goal required a totally new company structure, as well as enormous investment of human capital. Consequently, in addition to top caliber professionals from conventional disciplines like architecture and interior design, a whole different breed of specialists wereemployed: Painters, sculptures, 3D designers,art directors and creative directors… The real challenge was to coordinate all these diversified minds in such a manner that the collective output of ideas would be focused to a single beam which would then ignite a chain reaction of synergy. Our inspiration was the classical Renaissance workshop, where the genius of the masters like Leonardo or Michelangelo was objectified as the most prominent works of art. The samples you will see in this catalogue are the products of this meticulous creative process. Needless to say, ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We hope you appreciate our efforts in appropriating the world to a better place to live.


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